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For Serious Actors

We’ve been shooting actor self tapes since 2009, and have had hundreds of successful bookings for TV, film, web and theater projects.

Likewise, our demo reel editing service is second to none. We have served actors, both top level professionals as well as beginners, by creating exciting, effective videos of their work.

• Perfect lighting and audio
• HD professional video
• Up to 45 minutes - Only $49
• Up to 60 minutes - Only $59
• Delivery in under 2 hours
• Professional actor reader
• Coaching provided
• Unlimited playback on large HD monitor
• Make appointments online

The first choice for NYC’s serious, working actors.

We’ve been shooting actor self tapes since 2009, and have had hundreds of successful bookings for TV, film, web and theater projects.

Successful auditioning on video requires a very specific knowledge of the process. It’s not the same thing as being “in the room”. There are many hidden ways to make yourself look amateurish.

You will feel 100% confident that your self tape will be delivered the way the industry prefers to receive it. And the industry can be very picky.

Leave the technical minefield of putting yourself on tape to the experts, and concentrate instead on creating the best representation of the character, which should be the only thing you pay attention to.

Musical auditions can be done with our in-studio digital piano or with an MP3 track. Professionally mixed audio guarantees the best possible result.

• Free consultation
• Fast turnaround
• Best rates. Most reels created for only $175
• One free revision
• Unrivaled knowledge of what the industry wants to see
• Expert advice on choosing your best footage
• Updates at low cost
• Can be done remotely, no need to come in
• HD file delivered for download

Most casting calls require actors to submit video. Having an expertly crafted demo reel is absolutely essential to make a positive impression.

Give us access to your footage and chat with us about what you think represents you best. We’ll offer our expertise on how to present your most compelling on-camera work to create a captivating, effective and professional marketing tool.

Your finished reel will be delivered to you in a way that gives you maximum flexibility for how to put it to use.

We have been editing demo reels for actors since 2002, and have modified the process as technology has changed, and as the industry has established newer guidelines for what they expect and want to see.

As the owner/operator of, where CDs and reps review hundreds of actor reels and give written feedback, we are uniquely qualified to give advice to actors about what works and what doesn’t.

You can give us access to your footage via the internet, or even through the mail, so you don’t have to come to the studio. We edit reels for clients all around the country.

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