“With the growing demand for high quality taped auditions, Brad hits the nail on the head. I've taped my own auditions at home in the past, but having the professional lighting and audio really goes a long way...
...Brad and I went through each scene and discussed what was going on before taping. Between takes he offered great advice which vastly improved my performance. As long as I'm in NYC, I'll be using Brad from now on to tape my auditions!”
"Fantastic, fantastic, a million times fantastic! Thanks, Brad!"

"Great work thanks again!"

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"I always appreciate Brad's professional input and when he shares his industry experiences. I've received consistently quality videos at very affordable prices, which is why I continue to come back when I need to put something on tape. Thanks, ActorIntro!"
"Very knowledgeable and is able to offer valid and sound advice."

"Brad's the best. I recommend him to everyone!"

"I have done my self tapes here for numerous projects. I booked by first major role on the USA network after coming to tape here with Brad. I just wish I was in NYC more often to use his services."
"Thank you, Brad! Looks fantastic. My manager is thrilled and am sure agents will be as well."

"Looks freaking awesome!! Thank you thank you!"

“I always appreciate Brad's professional input and when he shares his industry experiences. I've received consistently quality videos at very affordable prices, which is why I continue to come back when I need to put something on tape. Thanks, ActorIntro!”
"Hey Brad! We made a tape together for CSI:CYBER about 2 weeks ago. I just wanted to let you know that I got the part. Our tape convinced the network. Thanks for everything. Everyone involved also commented on how great "the reader" was. The network will never know it was you. But I know it was you. And thank you for elevating my scenes. It's an unsung gig. But this is me singing. Thanks again. Couldn't have done it without you.”
"Hi Brad, Thank you! The reel looks good – you did a great job."

"Your service and finished product was spectacular! Thank you for the support and guidance. My management and talent agency loved it! Thank you again for your speedy work too!"

"Hey Brad! I love it!! Thanks so much!! It was great working with you and I will definitely call you up for any of my actor-taping needs!"
"My agent loved the video. Thanks so much again!"

"Just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday! It was great meeting you and I had so much fun 🙂 ”

"Thanks for an amazing taping job. I will definitely be using you in the future."

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"Thanks so much, Brad! You were incredibly helpful to me."
"Hello Brad, I really loved working with you on my last audition. Would love your expertise on this next one."

"so wonderful, thank you so much for a fun supportive environment ! loved meeting you and I'll come back for sure ! 🙂 “

"Brad! Thank you so much for everything this morning! I will definitely refer your service to my fellow actors."
"hi Brad! These look great and my teacher loves them. thank you so much for your time. I really enjoyed working with you! I will definitely keep using actorintro and tell all my friends to as well. thanks!"

"Hi Brad. Thank you so much for an awesome shoot, and for all your advice and input! It was a terrific experience, and I look forward to sending this in and receiving some good news to share with you!!"
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"I LOVE IT! I most definitely approve. Rex and I just watched it twice in a row. You are amazing. Thank you thank you thank you."

"Hi Brad....thanks so much for the reel. You have a great eye, and you were a joy to know and work with on this project. The reel just got me a well paying film role and I have two new auditions this week for print and video projects. Many, many thanks."
"Thank you, Brad! I am so lucky to have met you. You do an excellent job, give great advice and are reasonably priced AND you're so nice!!! Thank you very much!"

"Excellent! Thanks so much! It was great talking with you- what an awesome way to bring out someone's personality. Authentic conversations! I'm spreading the word for sure!"

"Hi Brad! Wow, just wow. I am so happy and impressed with the reel! It looks amazing!!! I am ecstatic. THANK YOU!"
"Hey Brad-I made an audition video with you a couple of weeks back; just wanted to let you know on the basis of that video the Seattle theatre called me today and offered me the gig. Thanks for making me look good!"
"I've been using ActorIntro for about 1.5 years now, and I recently booked the title role in a feature film. While I was already contracted to the film, the actor who was to play opposite me wasn't yet confirmed. They had made the offer to a name talent, and he said his choice would depend upon who his female lead was. When he looked me up, he watched my ActorIntro and said it made him feel comfortable with me and confident about me being his co-star. He accepted the role! 🙂 Great, right?!"
“Brad completely captured the essence of me and my individuality in my ActorIntro. It's such a great way to have casting directors and agents get a feel of who you are, but just enough to leave them wanting more and want to see you in person. It's a great tool to post on your website, or just use the ActorIntro website to send to industry!”
“I was just cast in a hot new indie feature, playing a strong supporting role. As told by the director, my role was challenging to cast and they had been looking for quite some time. The production team saw my performance video on ActorIntro and hired me! I also got cast in a student feature film the same way! I’m thrilled that ActorIntro is working for me!”
“Video is a great tool to introduce yourself in a memorable, compelling way. Brad is a great coach.”
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