Showcase Reel

Bring in a polished scene, monologue or song that runs 3-minutes or less. For scenes and monologues, the perfect length is 1-2 minutes total.

We will record it in HD video with perfect lighting and perfect HD audio. If you need a scene partner to read with you, off camera, we will provide you with a professional actor.

Many actors have several contrasting Showcase videos available to show off various types of work, drama, comedy, or show tunes.

Singers – We have a digital keyboard in the studio if you want to bring an accompanist. We can also work with any digital music recording you provide. The audio mix for vocal performances is mastered with the highest level of professional sound quality.

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    Sessions are scheduled for up to 60 minutes.  Within that time you will be able to have multiple takes and review them on a large HD monitor.

    You will have the finished video within 24-hours.  You can post the video on your website, or send the link to it to anyone you want to show it to.

    Showcase video $59

    You can shoot two Showcase videos in the same one hour session and get half price on the second.