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Self-Taping Auditions are The Present

The market for scripted content is growing every day. Actors now have more jobs than ever before. Just like you, casting directors are also handling a lot of projects at the same time. The trend toward “casting from tape” has been building for a few years, and now it’s firmly established. The pandemic is partly responsible, but not entirely. It did accelerate the process, for sure. In person auditions will never disappear, of course.  But never before has it been so commonplace to cast roles for TV/Film/Web from Self Tape submissions, for projects large and small.

Make Your Self Tape in NYC Standout

Casting directors receive a lot of submissions for every single role.  Conventional wisdom puts it at around 2,000 submissions for a single role. Whatever the actual number for any particular role, there is a great deal of importance placed on the quality of each submission.  Ones of lesser quality can easily be dismissed and not considered at all.  Professional-looking self-tapes are the ones that get the most serious attention. There are quality standards for self-tapes that everyone in casting recognizes, and enough submissions meet those standards that the ones that don’t can be pushed aside. A professional-looking self-tape says that a.) The actor is serious and experienced and b.) The actor respects the process. Beyond that, a professional-looking self-tape will have the lighting, audio, background and performance level that will make it easy for casting to evaluate the actor’s candidacy for the role.

High Quality Services

ActorIntro is the premier self-tape service provider in New York City. We have been shooting actors since 2008.  In addition to our studio with its perfect lighting, perfect audio and perfect video, ActorIntro offers expert guidance for navigating all the requirements, both technical and performance, of putting yourself on tape.  A professional actor is supplied as your reader. You can watch playback of your takes on a large HD monitor and pick the one you want to submit. We will “master” your audition video and deliver it via internet to anyone in the world, usually within an hour of the end of your appointment.

Professional Audition Coaching

Self-Tape acting is really a third major category of acting.  There’s acting for camera, acting for theater, and acting for Self Tape. There are some huge distinctions between all three, and some of the differences aren’t obvious.  Not being aware of how to “live truthfully in imaginary circumstances” in a self-tape, as opposed to either of the other two categories, can derail your audition.  There are accommodations one must make in a Self-Tape audition that you never come across in either on-camera, or theatrical acting.  We are expert at crafting the Self Tapes we shoot so that they convey the absolute highest standard for audition recordings.