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Audition Taping: Shooting the Best Audition Video

Audition Taping: Shooting the Best Audition Video

There is a huge demand for actors to “put themselves on tape” for auditions these days, and the demand is only getting stronger.

Audition taping makes sense because it’s such a time and money saver, and it creates many more opportunities for actors to be seen for jobs that aren’t casting locally.

However, the relative newness of this practice has created some uncertainties about how to do it in the best, most effective way possible, for both the actor and the CD/Producer/Director.

Here’s what we’ve learned from four years of shooting video auditions at ActorIntro:

How To Submit a Taped Audition

  • Recording an audition non-professionally is seen as the work of a non- professional.
  • Always present your candidacy for a job with maximum amount of professionalism.
  • Compare rates and video quality of whichever professional studios you consider.
  • Bring an extra copy of the sides to the taping for the reader, with their part highlighted.
  • Know the material as completely as possible, given the amount of time you’ve had with it.  It does NOT have to be memorized, and you can hold the script.
  • You should be shot from the clavicle up.  We need to see your eyes!
  • Almost all auditions should be shot with you sitting down.
  • Try to avoid wearing bright red, white, or black.
  • Hair and makeup should be in best shape possible for the shoot.

Video Auditions at ActorIntro

Shooting your audition tape at ActorIntro?  Here’s what we promise to do for you:

  • Provide a professional actor as your reader, if needed, at no charge.
  • Record the audition with HD video, professional lighting and the best digital sound.
  • You have unlimited takes in an up-to-45 minute taping session.
  • You can review all the takes on a flat screen monitor and pick the one you want to use.
  • We will deliver your audition in any format the recipient wants it delivered.
  • We recommend uploading the audition to our server and emailing a link to it.
  • We will make every effort to get the audition where it’s going on time, usually within three hours.
  • We discount our already lowest-in-town rate for returning actors.


Got video audition or audition taping questions?  We’ve got answers!  Give us a call at 917-692-6118 or email


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