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To be a competitive actor today you must have video. Period.

Demo Reels are required for submission to most casting postings. However, that’s only part of the story. How your demo reel is put together is the critical part. Choices of the scenes, how they are edited and the length will make or break your chances of being called in to audition.

Brad is the proud owner & operator of our sister site, Actors Insite. For several years, Actors Insite offers a service that allows actors to show their demo reels to CDs, agents and managers. Then, they  give written feedback to Brad who reads all the feedback. He has a unique perspective on what the industry pros are looking for and applies this knowledge to help you put your demo reel together.

When demo reels are not presented in a way that meets industry standards, then you probably won’t be seen as a good candidate for a job. ActorIntro insures that your demo reel will check all the boxes for serious consideration.

Self Tapes are the standard audition method for many castings today. If you shoot yours on your phone you will not be considered the same way as if you shoot professionally, pure and simple. The way you present your self tape audition has an enormous impact on how your submission is perceived. This is not a time to be frugal, because none of your competitors are doing that.
Are there self tapes shot in the kitchen with a cell phone and a non-professional reader that lead to being hired? Absolutely! But it’s at the same rate that kids are born with a blue eye and a green eye. It happens.

You must make sure your audition materials give you the best shot at getting the highest level of consideration or you’re just wasting your time.

About Brad

Brad’s story: (Briefly) After attending college on an acting scholarship, Brad ventured into the world of TV news, and was, for 25 years, an anchorman for TV stations around the country, including Boston and New York City. In 2001 he returned to acting in NYC, appearing in numerous off-off and off Broadway plays as well as many studio films and TV shows, in addition to his favorite, a continuing role at The Onion News Network, a web series launched in 2012.

About Us About Brad

Re-entering the world of acting after many years away, Brad recognized the newly established importance of video as a pathway to success as an actor. Having a long track record as a TV journalist, Brad turned his video expertise toward creating effective demo reels for actors now that “the means of production” were in the hands of the “workers” for the first time.

High quality video was suddenly possible for a fraction of the cost of a few years ago. And Self Tape auditions blossomed into the major force it is today. Casting was suddenly non-geographic. The net was cast much further than it had ever been to find actors for roles. It was nothing short of a revolution.

With the keen eye of an experienced, trained and successful actor, Brad is able to provide the means and the expertise to craft attention-getting Self Tapes and Demo Reels for other actors. His clients have included many A-list actors, as well as many more who are aspiring A-listers.